Tweezers die bonder for applications that do not allow dice being touched on the top surface. Additional advantage is that one set of tweezers accepts many die dimensions. Some process parameters can be programmed in the machine software: scrubbing rate, amplitude and direction; etc. Some process parameters are adjusted mechanically, such as the tweezers force, and the pickup and bond forces.
Bond head tweezers die bonder

Precise process control and flexible manual dual head epoxy and eutectic die bonder. Head change by micromanipulator. Most process parameters can be programmed in the machine software: Epoxy flow; scrubbing rate, amplitude and direction; air puff to release the die; etc. Some process parameters are adjusted mechanically, such as the pickup and bond forces.
Multi purpose manual die bonder

Nice few of large wire bonding. Note that the ball bond is aluminum wire as well. This was the result of a Micronnect special project in which process was developed for ball bonding fine and large aluminum wire. The same project resulted in stronger gold wire bonds by reduction of the HAZ (heat affected zone).
Large-wire wedge and ball bonds

The 25 µm wire ball at the end of a aluminum wire shows traces of the oxide of the original wire. This was the result of a Micronnect special project. Ball bonding with aluminium wire is never commercialized, though Micronnect proved it being feasible for large and thin wire. The smallest wire diameter that we tested was 25 µm until 100,000 bonds with one capillary (without any cleaning). The largest wire diameter that we tested was 250 µm.
Aluminum free-air ball

Teach yourself to control of machines using the clear 2D and 3D views in the user manuals. We are pleased to help by telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, we offer machine instructions and bonding courses.
Bonding wire in machine

Manual positioning machine-controlled processing. This machine offers bonding largest products with smallest table-top area. Parallax error corrects "automatically" by eye-hand coordination.
Manual fine-wire bonder; plaatje 7476E

Often the strengths of human eye-hand coordination are underestimated. It offers the operator to react upon what is seen by the machine high-quality stereo-zoom microscope. Regularly, this one-hand controlled micromanipulator outperforms automatic machines when building prototypes or producing single pieces or small series.

West·Bond triple bond head of low cost manual Epoxy die-bonder 7201CR. Two different Epoxy's can be dispensed. The 360° rotating pickup tool offers better that 20 µm placement accuracy.
Manual Epoxy die-bonder

West·Bond offers for their manual die bonders disposable dispenser containers with ultra-low volume and with volume to 5 cc. The container on above photograph is 0.25 cc.
Manual die bonder

West·Bond manual beam-lead bonder to pick-and-place dice with a specific pickup tool and to thermosonically bond the leads with a specific single point tool.
Manual beam-lead bonder

West·Bond manual Epoxy and eutectic die bonder. The Epoxy container can be exchanged with a preform pickup tool, changing the machine from an Epoxy die bonder to an eutectic die bonder.
Manual Epoxy and eutectic die bonder

Unpacking and installing a machine is greatly assisted by the photographic views in the user manual. The photograph shows the fixing blocks that need be taken out prior to machine operation.
Installation support in machine manual

Micronnect offers courses and instructions, making use of graphical information. Here, a wedge bonding process step is illustrated: the wire tail preparation for the next first bond.
Tail control wedge bonding

Micronnect offers courses and instructions, making use of graphical information. Here, the loop formation is illustrated for a ball bond.
Wire looping motion

The XYZTEC powerful statistical process control and clear graphs give complete control of your production process to the engineer. At the same time, operators see fewer options and can learn to work with the Condor Sigma in a matter of minutes.
XYZTEC multifunctional bond tester

XYZTEC Quick change release: change work holders in seconds.
XYZTEC multifunctional bond tester

With the XYZTEC 6 head RMU (Revolving Measurement Unit) up to 200 kgf shear, 200 kgf pull/push you may never have to change cartridges manually again
XYZTEC multifunctional bond tester

The West·Bond multiple-use bond head for angled-feed wedge bonding, deep-access wedge bonding, and for ball bonding. The picture shows the deep-access configuration.
Design view wedge bonding

West·Bond automatic fine-wire bonder with rotating workholder for wedge bonding, deep access bonding, deep access ribbon bonding, and for ball bonding. This machine is very adequate for prototype bonding and special products. Its tabletop concept offers an ergonomic working place for the operator.
Automatic fine-wire bonder

A gold wire stud bump with extreme height precision (standard deviation 2.5 µm). The gold ball for this bump was made with Micronnect improved ball formation process developed in a special project.
Stud bump with accurate height

A difficult breaking process is breaking semiconductor lasers that are plated with a relatively large metallization layer. The JFP S100 scriber / breaker allows creating nice scribing lines despite such metallizations.
Scribing line

West·Bond service lasts 20 years. No regular service is prescribed, but of course things can go wrong; if an error happens, the user manual helps finding the related parts. Following the condition of your machine is facilitated when making use of a Micronnect service contract.
Manual view to assist self service

High-volume manual pick-and-place machine for epoxy die bonding. The glue deposition and the pick-and-place processes are done simultaneously; this parallel processing speeds up the machine cycle time to a maximum of 600 dice per hour. Accuracy is facilitated by matching the die and substrate to programmable boxes on two color LCD-displays. Pickup stage and workholder alignment is manual; the automatic pick-and-place and gluing processes start upon one foot pedal push.
High-volume manual die bonder

Semi automatic machine to scribe and break along crystal planes, such as for semiconductor lasers. Machine can as well be used to scribe and break other breakable materials, such as silicon, glass and ceramic substrates. Vibration free stand isolates the machine from external shocks. Control requires little programming only. The ergonomic design adds to the ease of use.

Semi-automatic pick and place and connect machine for FlipChip, eutectic and epoxy die bonding. Machine is equipped to pick-up, place and connect very small to very large components, and to test opto-electrical components prior to placement. Various connection methods are available: epoxy dispensing, stamping, eutectic scrubbing and FlipChip vertical and horizontal ultrasonics. The machine allows easy change between the various processes. Best accuracy after placement is better than 5µm. The ergonomic design adds to the ease of use.
Die sorter wafer to waffle pack

Most process optimization limits to trying out parameter settings in the neighborhood of a starting point. Micronnect uses a method to find the best starting point with visual testing. Note, that the objective visual criterion is; a weld against no weld. On top of that objective criterion, we add one more subjective criterion allowing the refining the result. The green area in the graph offers good bonds; a good starting point for further optimization can be found in that green area. We would be pleased to send you our report on this optimization method.
Process window illustrated